About the 20-Ghost Club the oldest Rolls-Royce Car Club in the World


The 20-Ghost Club was inaugurated on the 26th May 1949 by a group of owners dedicated to the preservation of pre-1940 Rolls-Royce motor cars, which they were concerned were in danger of being lost. The name of the Club was taken from the cars which these founders owned, the legendary 40/50 HP Silver Ghost and its smaller counterpart, the 20 HP model.

The Club activities still revolve around the early cars such as Silver Ghosts, 20 hp and the New Phantom, (subsequently becoming known as the Phantom I), as well as models such as the 20/25 HP, 25/30 HP,  Wraith and Phantom II and III, as elegibility for membership extends to owners of all pre-1940 Rolls-Royce motor cars. No Bentleys or post-war Rolls-Royces are admitted and consequently the Club has its own unique flavour, which can perhaps be best appreciated on our various tours when a wonderful selection of coachbuilt cars dating from the earliest days of Rolls-Royce motor cars can be seen.

With a membership which is now drawn from many countries, the Club consists of people who enjoy driving and sharing enthusiasm for the earlier models of 'The Best Car in the World'.


Tours within the British Isles and abroad are regularly undertaken, including private visits to stately homes not open to the public. Our News & Events section gives more up to date information on these events.

The Australian Chapter organises frequent events, particularly in New South Wales and Victoria.

Club events are mainly non-competitive and for touring purposes, but a number of elegant and historic trophies are awarded annually by the Club. Various trophies are awarded at the annual concours; also for driving tests and for photographs published in the 'News & Record', the Club magazine which keeps members in touch and contains photographs and reports on the Club tours and activities, together with various historical photographs and articles relevant to our cars.

Prospective members should contact the Club Membership Secretary using the contact form.


The Club runs an active programme of tours ranging from one day events in the UK through to major continental rallies.

Confirmed tours include:




Friday 15th March 2024 - AGM & Annual Dinner, London

Saturday 20th April 2024 - SPRING LUNCH: HAMPSHIRE

May 2024: Dates to be agreed - IGS tour: Yorkshire

7 – 18 June 2024 - CHAMPAGNE TO PROVENCE

17-20 July 2024: Tim Forrest Tour & Concours, Polesden Lacey, Surrey

1 – 5 September 2024 - TOUR OF DORSET