Join the 20-Ghost Club

Membership of the 20-Ghost Club is open to owners of Rolls-Royce cars manufactured before 1940. We believe that these cars are a great legacy and a pleasure to drive The Club is very friendly and by becoming a member you will have access to a network for advice on ownership and maintenance of pre-war Rolls-Royce cars. The Club is also very active providing regular opportunities to meet other members at events and participate in rallies and tours which take place all over the world. The tours and events give the opportunity to see and enjoy other fine cars (and good company) in interesting settings, as well as to do some good driving.   Members have access to more detailed information on the website and receive regular copies of the Club magazine 'News & Record'.

There are the following classes of Membership:

Honorary Member

Honorary membership may be bestowed by the Committee on a person who has made an outstanding contribution, for example to the Club, to the Marque or who was a founding member.

Full Member

Any person over 17, who owns or has owned a pre-1945 Rolls-Royce, or who has never owned a pre-1945 Rolls Royce, but is an enthusiastic admirer of these cars, may apply to become a Full Member.


Please note there will be a joining fee for new Full Members. Membership is at the discretion of the Committee.

For membership enquiries, please contact the Club Membership Secretary using the contact form below.