Russia and Rolls-Royce - The First 25 Years

Czarist Russia was known for its architecture, fine art, literature and music. With this appreciation of quality and the wealth of the nobility and business, it was not long before Rolls-Royce found a niche market in the years before the First World War. After being introduced to the marque in 1913, the Czar became a loyal customer. His 1913 Silver Ghost Kellner-bodied Limousine became a favourite mode of transport. In total, 39 Rolls-Royce motor cars were delivered before the 1917 Revolution which ended the Romanov dynasty.

Pre-War Rolls-Royce Motor Cars with a Finnish connection

This book describes the history of Rolls-Royce in Finland and the 27 pre-War cars which have Finnish connections. The original owners are listed, with details of their business success and wealth, providing a social history of the country after its independence from Russia in 1917. These include Aulis Pakula, Arthur Amberla, Allan Hjelt, Alfred Nybom, Leopold Lerche, Johan Weckman, W Gutzeit & Co, Rafael von Frenckell and Martti Ilmanen. Present owners are recorded where these cars have survived. In 72 pages, the book contains around 100 colour and period black and white illustrations.

Silver Ghost to the Isle of Skye in 1920

Sir Geoffrey Summers (1891-1972) was the scion of the Summers family business which became one of the UK’s largest iron and steel producers, based at Shotton, North Wales. His hobbies included mountaineering and motoring.

The Oldest Rolls-Royce Club in the World - 1949 to 2019

Published to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the 20-Ghost Club’s formation, this book describes the history of the Club and its members. It includes descriptions of over 200 Rolls-Royce motor cars and their original and subsequent owners. It relates stories about the Club and the major tours and historical re-enactments which have been organised for members. With contributions (of text and illustrations) from many members and edited by Sir John Stuttard, it is a mandatory reference book for those wishing to understand the history of Rolls-Royce motor cars built between 1904 and 1939 and the part which The 20-Ghost Club has played in the survival and care of these precious works of art.